Why Rent Suits From The Flamingo?

Marcus Tang

Posted on April 04 2019

So, you need a suit for an event.

But you don’t have that suit because last checked, the suit you bought years ago is now too ill-fitted for you or you have a suit but it is a strictly work suit and you need it for a special event, where you need to look great.

Or you’re simply out of time because that important event is this Saturday and it is already Thursday.

So what do you do? You rent a suit from us! And rental suits, in general, bring about many other benefits, of which we will list some below! 😊


Advantage #1: You wow others!

If you own a suit (which is most probably black) we bet you’re most likely to wear it each time there’s a formal event - don’t you want to shake things up a little and be able to wear something different every time?

 While it may be hard to think of different ways to spruce up your same outfit for various occasions, this problem can be easily solved: simply find us and change your style each time! Just imagine the possibilities; you can turn up as a Korean oppa today, a stylish businessman on another or a fashionista yet on another day!

Advantage #2: You are not locked into any suit

 If you’re working on changing your body shape, whether it is to become leaner or to become more muscular, renting a suit will allow room for a change as you build up your body shape!


Advantage #3: You save money

 If you’re sure that there’re only so many formal events that require you to wear a suit and tie, then you should save your money and get a rental suit for a fraction of the price as compared to purchasing one off the racks or making a tailored suit. This is especially so if you are on a tight budget – renting suits is an ideal solution for those looking to wear a suit during one-off occasions or for special events without breaking the bank!

The added benefit is that there’s even more value to money because of the unique styles that we have. Not to brag, but we’re confident you can’t find suits like ours at any other suits rental company. 😊


Advantage #4: You save time

Did you get a last-minute invitation or you simply forgot that your attendance is required for an important event and you realised you have nothing appropriate to wear or you can no longer fit into your suit? Don’t worry about it!

Renting a suit with us is easy – you simply make an appointment with us, try on our suits and pick up the suit for a rental period of 4 days!

Have an upcoming event? Contact us at +65 9623 2423 to rent a suit!

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