Debunking the Myths of Rental Suits

Marcus Tang

Posted on April 02 2019

Have you ever thought of renting a suit instead of buying a suit?

Of course, I don’t mean renting a suit daily if your job scope requires you for that - I’m talking about the one-off situation, like a black-tie event, an event that pops up probably once in a blue moon. Are you really going to buy an expensive tailored suit for that one occasion? Do you just throw something together and hope for the best? Or would you look for rental suits?

Despite the notion of there being a stigma on renting suits, it may be wiser to opt for practicality over wasting money unnecessarily. Why waste money on something that you may only wear once or twice, when you can get something similar for less?

Here are three common myths associated with the stigma of suit rental:

Myth #1: Rental suits are always too boxy and never fit right.

Not going to deny it - at the very beginning, the rental suits industry was highly limited in choices, cuts and sizes available, and it was extremely hard for an individual to find a suit that fit right. However, in recent years, the industry has made several improvements and released different kinds of cuts to better cater to people with different body shapes and sizes. Now, there are three different cuts: the Classic, the Modern, and the Slim.

The Modern cut is an updated version of the Classic: a trimmer option that fits most people well without being too boxy or restricting.

The Slim cut is the newest and most trim of the three cuts: with less fabric all around, it means trimmer everything. Coat sleeves, pant legs, around your waist or chest to give you that slim fit.

With a wider range of cuts available to customers now, it’s easier for one to find rental suits that fit them well. Just take a look at our suits! 


Myth #2: Rental suits are always cheap and worn out.

Many think that rental suits wear out easily and quickly because of how many people might have worn it before them. In actual fact, rental suits are much more durable and long-lasting than your average retail garment - it’s specifically made to withstand a lot of use and dry-cleaning without wearing out!

As long as you’re renting your suit from a reputable shop, your rental suit should show no signs or previous wear or lose its shape.

Just to make you feel more assured, even well-known name brands and labels like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Lauren Ralph Lauren and others also have rental suits - so don’t be afraid to rent a suit! Here at The Flamingo Suits, we use nothing less than the best for you. 


Myth #3: Rental suits are limited in design

I guess this statement would have been valid in the past: where there were little variation in the types and designs of suits available for rent. Even in the suit industry, it was mainly just black suits and business suits for formal events, with few types of stylish suits or even casual suits available for less formal settings. However, with the progression of men’s fashion, we see companies becoming bolder and getting more creative with their designs. With more companies venturing into curating various suit patterns, it’s only natural that rental suit companies will follow this up and coming suit trend, allowing for more consumer variety. Take a look at our collection and you'll know it's true!



Renting a suit with us is easy – you simply make an appointment with us, try on our suits and pick up the suit for a rental period of 4 days!

Have an upcoming event? Contact us at +65 9623 2423 to rent a suit!


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